You have ‘em right where you want ’em....

In the media world, “dwell time” is a hot topic. If you can get potential customers to dwell in front of your ad or even dwell on your ad in their thoughts, your message trumps 95% of ads out there.

That’s because we are increasingly bombarded with information. We’re overloaded. Cleverly, we’re devising ways to avoid or limit advertising in certain areas of our lives.

This is what makes DigitalAd so brilliant. While in-home advertisements such as newspaper, TV, and radio can be turned off or skipped, out-of-home media such as DigitalAd operates differently. DigitalAd makes the most of captive audiences.

Where do people wait and look for something to educate or entertain them?

Waiting for a table at a restaurant...Waiting to order at a fast-food eatery...Waiting for a task such as car maintenance to be completed...Waiting for people in a hotel lobby

Waiting time is the best time to reach people with your message! They have time and attention to devote to your ad. On average, DigitalAd viewers spend 5-15 minutes “dwell time” watching our screens.

Your target customers may even already be in your place of business, just waiting. They may be open to purchasing a more expensive, higher-quality product or service. This is your opportunity to intrigue, entice and upsell customers with the best you have to offer.